Opening positions

Recurrent positions opened every year

For master students

You have a solid background in theoretical physics, applied mathematics, or scientific modeling? You are interested in challenging biological applications? You are motivated to work hard in interdisciplinary cutting-edge fields of science? Every year, master students are welcomed to perform their internships in our group. Just send an email to the group coordinator Denis Grebenkov with your CV and tentative dates of your internship. It is strongly recommended to contact the coordinator as soon as possible, as only one or two positions are available and rapidly filled. The internship topic can be varied from purely theoretical research (e.g., about the probability distribution of estimators for anomalous diffusions) to numerical modeling and experimental data analysis and interpretation. Since this field is very broad, the topic can be adjusted to your preference/background. An internship can potentially be continued as a PhD thesis at Ecole Polytechnique though this possibility will be discussed on an individual basis.

For foreign undergraduate students

If you are not subscribed to a French master program but you wish to perform an internship (e.g., a summer project), you can still email to the project coordinator Denis Grebenkov. However, due to administrative reasons, it is mandatory to apply through the official internship program of Ecole Polytechnique. Although typical application deadline for next Spring/Summer is in December, the program is rather flexible and other options are possible. Please note that short internships (shorter than 3 months) are not accepted by the project coordinator.

For foreign graduate students

If you search for a PhD thesis in France, you can send your CV to the project coordinator Denis Grebenkov and explain your background and motivation. The PhD starts in October, while the application deadline for PhD scholarships is typically in April. It is mandatory to contact your potential supervisor in advance in order to prepare the PhD project and to collect the necessary information. It is also strongly recommended to apply first for an internship (during Winter/Spring) to facilitate the preparation procedure. An interdisciplinary jury distributes the PhD scholarships to the best candidates according to their academic/scientific achievements.

For PhD and postdocs

If you search for a post-doc position, you can send your CV to the project coordinator Denis Grebenkov. Although it is unlikely that a post-doc position is immediately available (unless it is explicitly stated in …), it is still useful to contact the coordinator and discuss possible current or future options. For instance, the Physics Department of Ecole Polytechnique offers several post-doc positions every year. The application includes both the scientific project and the candidate’s earlier achievements. Since the application deadline is typically in November/December, it is necessary to contact the project coordinator in advance to prepare the application.

For postdocs and senior researchers

If you search for a permanent position, you have to apply either for a CNRS research position, or for a professor position at Ecole Polytechnique. In both cases, it is strongly recommended to contact the laboratory at which you are applying, in particular, to prepare a solid research project.

Recurrent positions opened every year

A funded post-doc position can be opened this year.